Authentic, emotive, joyful, lush and uniquely full-of-life portraits on location, anywhere .  .  . 


From start to finish, my lifestyle photography is all about sharing abundant joy, laughter, poignant emotion, human and animal curiosity, the many essences of just being, and divine beauty both in extraordinary and everyday occurrences. It's also about creating the best photography experience and results for my clients. 

Photography is always an adventure for me. The early days of shooting black and white zone system, developing my own negatives, printing in the darkroom, toning in the bathtub, lugging big gear around, shooting upside down and backward, and risking toxic chemical exposure taught me a huge respect for the craft. I’m most inspired by the challenge of switching between my roles as director, choreographer, and spectator while each shoot becomes an unpredictable dance of shifting light, moods, time, settings, actions and expressions. All projects have their own creative challenges, surprising moments and rewards. I love that in this process, we get to inspire and be inspired by each other, to be delighted by what comes to light,
and to enjoy some serious photo fun!

Clients include: Trust for Public Land, Hawk Partners, Beacon Capital, MIT Media Lab, Nurtury Learning Lab, Mind & Life Institute, Kaplan International, Cambridge Chemical Technologies, The Family Van, Life Magazine, This Old House Magazine, Coldwell Banker, Hammond Real Estate, Compass Realty, True Home Partners, musicians, consultants, coaches, teachers,
and private clients for legacy collections.